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Our vision is to provide locally-produced, wholesome food to improve the health of our citizenry while supporting our community's economic and physical environment.

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Timberlake Orchard
Eric & Sue Luetgers
173 200th Avenue
Fairmont, Minnesota 56031

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Timberlake Orchard is a proud member of the following groups/organizations:

Minnesota Apple Growers
Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers
Minnesota Grown
Fairmont Farmers Market
Blue Earth Farmers Market

Family owned and operated since 1981.  We at Timberlake Orchard take great pride in providing fresh, high-quality produce to our customers.  

Timberlake Orchard’s
large variety of apples allow us to provide our customers with tree-ripened apples as early as mid-August, and as late as the end of October—or until we experience a hard frost.  All of our apples are tree-ripened, handpicked--off of the trees not the orchard floor—and, placed in our 38° cooler for freshness.  Visit our orchard and experience the variety of phenomenal tastes and textures associated with our apples.  

Environmentally conscientious, Timberlake Orchard uses TRAPS, a monitored weather station, as well as visual tracking to implement “IPM” (Integrated Pest Management) which allows us to use insecticides only when we have an overpopulation of a specific pest.  The health benefits associated with minimum-insecticide use results in some allowable damage to our fruit; but  IPM is great for the environment and a major health benefit for our customers!

Timberlake Orchard also provides our customers with an opportunity to buy
honey, from the hive that we keep to help set our apple blossoms in May.  By the time our bees have stored their honey for winter, they have visited the surrounding soybean fields and basswood trees.  The result is a delicious light-colored honey that is thoroughly enjoyable!

Timberlake Orchard offers a variety of fresh vegetables in mid-summer.  Our early-planted tomatoes (in our high tunnel) give our customers that first taste of garden-ripened tomatoes.  A “high tunnel” surrounds the tomato plant and provides a plastic roof with roll-up sides for protection.  Other fresh produce include peppers (bell, wax, & jalapeno), beets & kohlrabi.

In the “Fall” Timberlake Orchard offers seasonal items which complement our apple sales.  A
pick-your-own pumpkin patch.  Or, for the less adventurous, we have an assortment of pumpkins, squash and gourds. already picked, and ready for sale.  Our cool-weather vegetables include broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower.

Come visit our Orchard and let your family experience our fresh, healthy produce!