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Our vision is to provide locally-produced, wholesome food to improve the health of our citizenry while supporting our community's economic and physical environment.

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Pig in the Patch
           ...brand pork

34895 277 Lane
LeSueur, MN 56058

Tom Nuessmeier
...(507) 931-4623

Tim Nuessmeier
...(507) 931-2656

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Tim Nuessmeler holds a crossbred piglet. The operation's hogs features three breeds — Berkshlre, chester white and Duroc. They sell pork to local customers through two state-inspected processors and to Niman Ranch.

At "Pig in the Patch" you can order the "traditional" whole or half hog or the "quick fix" quarter.  In addition, if you prefer to order special or individual cuts, we would be happy to help you to customize your order based upon your individual preferences.

Our menu details the delicious variety of pork products included in these options.

Either call or e-mail Tom or Tim for any questions or to order.  

A non-refundable deposit secures your order and sets a processing/pick-up delivery date.  The deposit is applied to the purchase price!

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Pig in the Patch brand pork--naturally raised by family farmers, conveniently packaged, competitively priced--it's good food that awaits the good cook in all of you!

When you buy Pig in the Patch pork, you help support a tradition of sustainable family farming.  And most importantly, you purchase a fresher, more flavorful meat!
Pig in the Patch brand pork means great tasting, naturally raised pork that comes to you from the kind of farm you'd be proud to call your own.

Pig in the Patch pork is raised on the Nuessmeier family farm, located five miles east of LeSueur and the beautiful Minnesota River Valley.  Five generations of our family have cared for the land and livestock on our farm.  In 1975 it was formally honored as a Minnesota Century Farm.

We, at the
Nuessmeier farm, are dedicated to the craft of farming.  We emphasize careful and humane animal husbandry.  Our animals are hand-fed in free-range pens open to the sun.  We practice a more traditional manner of feeding livestock that favors a balanced ration of grains and legumes, free of growth promoting drugs.  We believe this results in a more nutritious and flavorful meat.

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Traditional Whole Hog
Variety of Cuts:  Pork Roasts, Cured Hams, Chops, Ribs, Bacon, Bratwurst, & Sausage.  (Several Varieties of bratwurst & sausage are available!)

Traditional Half Hog
Same Cuts as the Whole Hog...only 1/2 as much!

Quick-Fix Quarter
Larger cuts are divided and packaged for quicker preparation.  This order features boneless pork chops, an assortment of steaks/cutlets/stir fry, fully-cooked smoked ham, baby-back and spare ribs, and a shoulder roast.  Bacon & sausage are also included.

Custom Orders
We will help you to create an order for your specific needs!

Contact us today to order!


Note:  130 pounds of pork is the maximum yield expected from the traditional whole hog, and the prices listed are based upon this yield.  Variations in yield do occur and lesser yields will be priced accordingly.  Stated prices include processing costs.

Your order of pork will be cut and packaged to your specifications by Odenthal Meats of New Prague.  Odenthal Meats features STATE OF MINNESOTA-inspected processing, and the quality of its meat cutting and curing is excellent.  After processing the meat is frozen immediately to capture its fresh flavor.

We ask that you pick up your order at Odenthal Meats.  By doing so, you help us keep our costs low and focus our efforts on producing top-quality reasonably priced pork.

~Tim & Tom Nuessmeier
"Creating an agriculture of beauty, proportion, and ecological integrity, one season at a time."