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Our vision is to provide locally-produced, wholesome food to improve the health of our citizenry while supporting our community's economic and physical environment.

Support your local family farms and care for your health!

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Pig in the Patch brand pork--naturally raised by family farmers, conveniently packaged, competitively priced--it's good food that awaits the good cook in all of you!

When you buy Pig in the Patch pork, you help support a tradition of sustainable family farming.  And most importantly, you purchase a fresher, more flavorful meat!
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership   

For those who support our mission of producing naturally-raised pork and organic crops in an environmentally-sustainable manner, and are interested in learning and sharing ideas about the function and place of a small farm in today's world; Pig in the Patch offers an annual CSA membership.

This membership, when purchased alone or in addition to one of the above pork
order options, entitles an individual or family to two yearly farm visits, and attendance at a lunch-included farm annual meeting. Dates and details of visitation days and the annual meeting will be decided in consultation with

Membership Fee  $50.

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Speaking of farming...

Our family farm is now certified for organic crop production!

For groups or organizations interested in discussing issues such as organic farming, naturally-raised pork production, or other topics related to the art and craft of farming, we offer talks and speaking engagements.

Fees for such engagements will be set, or waived, based upon the nature and status of the host group.

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"Creating an agriculture of beauty, proportion, and ecological integrity, one season at a time."